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Society Meetings/Events for 2021

FMPS Programme of Meetings and Events

Meetings at Halstead Football Club (unless otherwise stated)

Rosemary Lane, Halstead, CO9 1HR  at 8.00pm.

Covid-19 statement

All meetings suspended until further notice. Watch this space for updates.
Meetings & Events - FMPS

OCTOBER 28th 2020 Cancelled

To be confirmed, dependent on the CV19 situation

Nigel MacKnight will present the “Quicksilver”
Water Speed Record attempt. Nigel personally knew the Campbells and has great stories about his time with them.

Halstead Football Club 8pm.

Meetings & Events - FMPS

NOVEMBER 27th 2020 Cancelled

To be confirmed, dependent on the CV19 situation

A presentation of the “History of Ernest Doe”
A “must be there” for every tractor man.

Halstead Football Club 8pm.

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January 27th 2021 : AGM

Because of the current situation regarding Covid 19 we are forced, for the first time in the history of the Society, to cancel the AGM.
In accordance with the Articles of Association we still need to communicate the information to members as if it were an actual meeting and, to this end, all business normally conducted at the AGM will accompany the December magazine. This includes a nomination form for the benefit of any member wishing to stand for election to the Committee or take over the role of an Officer. (Chairman, Vice Chair, or Treasurer).

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Meetings & Events

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