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The “Who’s Who” of the
Farm Machinery Preservation Society.

Terry Angland

07867 334084


Bob Feaver

07531 642032

Vice Chair

Brian Mansfield

01787 375321

Safety Officer

Position Vacant

Call Terry 07867 334084


Rebecca Bushell

2024 committee

Ken Bailey

07702 202311

Bryan Mills

07967 366344

David Hunt

 01371 810314

Mark Cracknell

07753 522756

Arthur Catling

07810 618931

Paul  Ewers

07765 675914

Magazine Editor, Membership Secretary, Webmaster, facebook administrator

John Southall

07340 781621

Stationary Engine Insurance -Farm Machinery Preservation Society Magazine


The Farm Machinery Preservation Society has produced a Newsletter almost from the outset.

Farm Machinery Preservation Society - Meetings and Events

Meetings & Events

All the latest Society Meeings and up coming events from the Farm Machinery Preservation Society.

Farm Machinery Preservation Society - Membership with Stationary Engine Insurance


Membership of the Farm Machinery Preservation Society for 2020 is just £19.50 per year.